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     1== Tutorials == 
     3  [ Setting Up An External Crystal Clock Source (with Fuse Bits) for AVR ATMega Microcontrollers]:: 
     4      Explanation directed at the ATMega controllers, but also helpful for AVR ATtiny chips. 
     6  [ How to Program ATtiny2313 ATtiny4313 using Arduino]:: 
     7      Uses the [ ArduinoISP] sketch. 
     9  [ Arduino ATtiny2313 Programming Shield]:: 
     10      Custom Arduino shield made from perfboard and very few, cheap components, turning your Arduino UNO/Duemilanove into 
     11      a programmer for ATtiny2313 chips. Very easy to build and very handy. 
     13  [ SoftwareSerialRS485Example]:: 
     14      How to connect two Arduino boards via an RS-485 bus using two MAX485 tranceiver chips. 
     15      Uses SoftwareSerial for interfacing with the MAX485, so you can still talk to the Arduino  
     16      boards via the hardware serial ports resp. USB. 
     18== Parts and tools == 
     20  [ FTDI type USB-UART adapter for $3]:: 
     21      How to make USB-to-serial adapters based on the CP2102 chiip, which are available very cheaply on Ebay, work with  
     22      the Arduino and other AVR compatible boards as a substitute for FTDI adapters. 
     24== Software Libraries === 
     26  [ 12bit D/A-Wandler von Microchip (MCP4921, MCP4922)]:: 
     27      Extends your Ardiuno with a one- or two-channel 12bit digital-to-analog converter. 
     28      This is an Ardiuno library for the UNO or the Mega. 
     31== Links == 
     33=== Suppliers === 
     35  [ Olimex Ltd]:: 
     36      Electronics company from Bulgaria providing various Ardiuno clones and microcontroller boards 
     37      based on PIC chips (e.g. [ Pinguino]-compatibles) and Cortex A8 ARM processors. Prices do not include VAT. 
     38      Shipping to Germany from €5.50 (Airmail without insurance) to about €20 (DHL)