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A web interface for controlling mididings, similar to the livedings gui included with mididings, but based on web technology and running in modern browsers.

git clone https://chrisarndt.de/git/WebDings.git


Apart from mididings, this webapp requires gevent-socketio and pyliblo. Unfortunately gevent and gevent-socketio are not Python 3 compatible, therefore currently only Python 2.7 is supported.

Create a virtualenv for Python 2.7 and download and install mididings (it is not listed on PyPI yet), e.g.:

$ pip install --pre -f http://das.nasophon.de/mididings/ mididings

(The --pre option is only needed (and supported) with pip >= 1.4.)

Then download WebDings:

$ git clone https://chrisarndt.de/git/WebDings.git

change into the WebDings directory and install the package and all other dependencies with:

$ python setup.py install

How to use

Start mididings with a patch, which includes the following hook configuration:

    OSCInterface(56418, 56419),

An example patch is included in the file mididings-example-setlist.py. Run it with:

$ mididings -f mididings-example-setlist.py

Then open another terminal, activate your virtualenv there and start the application server with:

$ webdings [-v] [-p 8080]

If you changed the OSC port numbers above used by mididings, pass them with the -O and -P options to webdings. Use webdings -h to list all options.

Finally, open your webbrowser at http://localhost:8080/ and be sure to have JavaScript enabled.

There is an alternative implementation of the web server part using Flask, which you can run with the webdings-flask command.