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Distribution metadata management

Dependency management

  • pipreqs - Generate requirements.txt file for any project based on imports
  • pipdeptree - Command line utility for displaying the Python packages installed in an virtualenv in form of a dependency tree
  • piprot - Check the requirements defined in your requirements files for freshness (Github)
  • pip-review - A similar tool to piprot, but reports on all packages installed in a virtualenv (Github)
  • pip-tools - A set of tools to keep your pinned Python dependencies fresh (Github)
  • pipwrap - Manage pip requirements files for multiple deployment environments, e.g. production and development (Github)

Package index and repository

  • pip-accel - A wrapper for pip, which accelerates initializing virtual envs by building a local package cache (Github)
  • devpi - A PyPI-compliant local, caching package index server and related clients and tools (Homepage)
  • twine - Twine uploads distributions to PyPI via SSL and, unlike plain distutils, allows pre-creating and signing packages in a separate step

Quality assurance